The Pregnancy Chronicles...baby's first picture!

Here is the baby's first picture (taken on March 1st, 2007). It was so amazing to see this littlel child moving around inside of me. In case you are wondering- that is the head to the right (it is facing up) and you can sort of make out it's profile. The dots along the bottome are the spine. Isn't is just so incredible! To see the size of the baby check out the Baby Link (I'm 19 weeks along as of yesterday).

As for the next question, we are not finding out what we are having. We want to be surprised! This seems to be very upsetting to some people. In fact people we don't even know well seem to be very concerned and passionate about it. At least three people have sarcastically said to me "I hope you like green!" Don't worry- Aaron and I both love green- so save that one for the next person who tells you they are not finding out what they are having.

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Mazz said...

Right on...if we were having a baby I wouldn't find out either...and green is a fabulous color!!!