The BABY CHRONICLES...baby's latest picture!

here is the baby's latest picture. aaron finally got to see him/her for the first time last week! this kid is growing (should be a little over a pound by now) and moving around a lot more. the coolest thing we saw on the ultrasound was the heart...you could see all four chambers pumping...it is just amazing. i will be six months along on friday and I am looking forward to my baby shower on Saturday (my aunt evelyn and cousin kim are throwing it down at my aunt's house in orange county)! sadly i do not have any more belly shots because aaron and i misplaced our digital camera at a cinco de mayo festival last weekend...by the time we realized that we had left it where we had been eating it was already gone. of course i keep hoping someone will see the pictures on there and turn it in...but i guess that is probably not going to happen. on the bright side i was just talking with mishawn about how i miss taking film into the store and getting it back...not knowing what the pictures will look like...so i will at least get to do that for a while until we can replace our digital!


Mazz said...

we hope you get your camera back!

dan bowen said...

the baby has aaron's eyes! congrats!

Ryan and Emma said...

Very cool!! Sorry about your camera. Maybe someone will be nice and turn it in.