...drama queen!

on saturday our girl turned three weeks old...

she looks so funny with her eyes crossed and spit up...

we love it when she is alert like this!

aunt fifi came to town again and boy did we love it...paige loves her!

this was her reaction when we told her aunt fifi had to leave!
i think she may be a drama queen like mommy!

oh those smiles...what a doll!

paige loves to spit up...good thing we have a lot of bibs!

daddy is great at giving me my baths...i think i like them.


Jennifer Morse said...

I love the picture of her screaming! We are so mean that we laugh at her when she is doing that. Love you guys! Can't wait for next week.

Zakaryans said...

i love the photos of aunt fifi! the one of her screaming is hysterical. Poor Paige! I also love her daddy giving her a bath... SO SWEET! Good job Aaron. -Kim

Marilyn said...

I don't like the one of Paige screaming. My favorite is the smiling ones. Great bath time pictures, Aaron- you have the touch. And of course Aunt Fifi and Paige- two beautiful girls.
Love, Mom

Mr. Police Man said...

Aaron giving her a bath. Look at that intensity in his face! Love it!