...many thanks!

*greetings from baby land*
thanks to everyone for your comments, notes, phone calls & emails...your well wishes have meant the world to us! also thanks for all the visitors & help we have had making this new transition so fun & easy! thank you for celebrating with us as we experience this incredible time in our lives! thanks to aunt fifi for keeping the blog going...I am finally feeling up for getting on the computer today and have made some updates and changes. i hope to update it every few days (my mom took a picture of me nursing with my right hand and blogging with my left hand at the same time...so i am getting the multi-tasking down).
we love you all- *aaron, laura & paige*

p.s. congrats to RYAN NOWELL for winning the expectnet game...nice work ryan! did emma help? we are very impressed- paige is especially impressed!


Anonymous said...

I am missing her already, I can barely stand it. She is soooooooo beautiful- not that I am biased or anything. I love you Paige!!


Grammy, Grandma, Nana, or whatever you want to call me.


Laura said...

What a beautiful girl! She is truly adorable!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to hold her and kiss her. i am sitting with izzie at my feet right now... she misses you guys!!! love you and your new little one so much.
love allison

Zakaryans said...

those are great new photos. i LOVE the first one here on the blogspot. she is SO precious. i can't wait to see her again, a month seems too long. :) we love you guys. hope the nights are getting better. -KZ

Mr. Police Man said...

I don't know what it is but the hands holding pics that both of you have taken with Paige...well I just love them!

Love you guys...