...what's a girl to do while waiting for baby?

my top ten things...
  1. move into a new house- there is plenty to do around here to keep me busy
  2. go shopping- walking is supposed to help move things along
  3. try and get sleep- although tonight i have had no success (hence the wee hours of the morning that i am typing this)
  4. swim- i feel "weightless" in water and as if i am not pregnant (as my doctor says- whales have it made as far as the pregnancy thing goes...she agreed that swimming is one of the best things us prego women can do)
  5. check out the new fall line of cloths- i cannot wait to wear normal cloths again and actually pay attention to the latest fashions (and i cannot wait to feel comfortable in clothes again)
  6. eat ice cream- i figure i only have a short time of not having to suck in after a big meal...so why not take advantage and have ice cream when i feel like it
  7. go to the movies- you can stay cool and entertained at the same time
  8. read a good book- from what i hear you don't have a lot of time for these sorts of things when the baby comes along...plus i need a break from constantly reading pregnancy and baby material
  9. spend time praying- this is the only thing that gives me peace when i feel anxious about the labor, delivery and reality of being a mommy...i find that my strength is renewed and my mind is calmed by simply asking God to give me peace each time i start to freak out...i know i cannot do any of this alone...but i also know i don't have to
  10. get a new hair cut & color- i have not had my hair cut, styled or colored since last october...i was trying to wait until after the baby was born...but i couldn't take it anymore! it was time. i knew my hair looked bad with dark roots & damaged ends... pictures don't lie...but i did not realize how bad until i saw the before & after (these pictures are not great...but you get the idea)



Tim said...

mmmmmm... Maybe thats why I like being in the pool too?? Anyhow, the hair looks amazing. Hang in there

Laura Jackson said...

Laura - so excited for you! Isn't it crazy that you don't know when! Kind of nerve racking. You'll do great in labor though - really. Love you!