...giggles, sunglasses and more!

a few weeks ago we went to pine flat lake dam (i think that is what it is called) and got some fresh air. it was a beautiful and crisp day and hopefully the first of many outings paige will go on in the near future. i am loving winter- but on days like that i am excited for spring and all the outdoor adventures to embark upon!

hippy chick paige!
this picture is blurry- but i don't care. this is a very typical paige smile and we rarely catch it on camera...she must love her new heart sunglasses!

we got away for the weekend last week to pleasanton. my brothers band 77straight was in a battle of the bands competition and we have never heard him play. it was really cool to be there and finally get to see him play. he loves his music and i have to say they are very talented musicians...who knew you could have fun at the golden skate on a saturday night? paige could not make it to the show...but i have a feeling she is going to be uncle drew's biggest fan!

and of course paige loves aunt fifi too. they matched so perfectly i had to get a pic. the saddest part of our weekend however was that aunt fifi got really sick and we could not see her the rest of our trip. it was sooooo sad. i did sneak away with her the last night i was in town to go see JUNO (go see this move- it is refreshing and delightful and funny and sooooo good). what a fun little date we had (i left paige with grammy...so it was a nice break too).

asleep with daddy again...this girl loves her daddy!
the christian family came to visit us for a night and it was so much fun! josiah is growing like a weed and is a cute little man. he is the spitting image of his daddy.

we got to meet raegan for the first time and she is the spitting image of her mommy
i loved holding little raegan...she is just a doll. very smiley and social. she is so little and i kept saying that i could not believe paige was that small just a few months ago.here the girls are looking at each other- we know they are going to be great friends!
raegen (2 1/2 months) & paige (5 months)

paige is hoping to be the best break dancing civilian in fresno!

i wonder who could teach her a few moves?


Mr. Police Man said...

There are some cute people in these pictures!

Emma Nowell said...

Paige is getting so big, it's amazing how fast time flies! I so wish that we lived closer and I had more opportunities to see you! Hope you are doing well, I still need to get you on the phone to catch up! Give paige a big kiss for me!