...eight months old and so much more!

paige turned eight months old on may 1st...she has two new teeth and is about to crawl!

our moms and more group ended for the summer...here is a picture of our group with our kids (we are missing a few people). what a fun year- i miss it already and am so anxious to get started again in september. this group has been a saving grace for me as a new mom!
meeting little marty...what a cutie. he is so tiny- i forget how small paige was as a newborn!

first swim! (check out the video below)


the princess gets her food (these pictures are for you matt)!

celebrating uncle drew's birthday. drew loves paige!

drew and kyle
drew and allison- when you have two older sisters you get to know their friends pretty well over the years. and allison has been in our life since drew was like 8...so there you go!after an amazing home cooked meal we ran to the dairy before it closed...yum!
paige and i got to go to melissa foster's baby shower too...what a fun weekend!

and finally... valley bible church @ the crossing... (the church i grew up attending) celebrated their 20th anniversary. it was a fun celebration and kind of like a family reunion. i was grateful that aaron & paige got a chance to see just how special vbc is and the community of believers that have been a part of my life through the church. many people visited and we saw some funny old videos and heard from most of the founding elders about how it all began. those of us who have been on the worship teams over the years got to go sing with the band and we took so fun pictures of old youth group friends. i don't think it is possible to have a perfect church- but vbc has set the bar very high...it is a sincere and loving place that seeks to know God and share his love. i am grateful for growing up there and always enjoy visiting when i am in pleasanton. thank you Lord for a wonderful group of people who have taught me so much and who demonstrate your love and grace...i look forward to the next 20 years!

tim with paige and us girls...tim has been the youth pastor at vbc for a long time and he is awesome. i learned so much from him about God. i honestly loved my high school youth group experience. he is a great guy and he loves the Lord...he took us high school punks on many adventures from mission trips to yosemite...i have even hiked half dome with him a few times. he was the pastor who married aaron and i...and well we just think he is swell!

paige and makenna always have fun together
all of us went through the youth group at some point...so fun.
this is a group of us that all graduated in the 90's...does that make me sound old? we went through youth group together and have a lot of funny stories!
paige tried to get in on the picture
natalie me sarah & allison (i love these girls)poor tate was so distraught over paige's loud yelling that he cried a few times...eventually he got over the shock of her screaming and grabbing him...but i just think she is too much women for him right now! as you can see in the video she's a man-eater!


Emma Nowell said...

What great pictures! Paige has gotten so big! It's hard to believe she's already 8 months old. We should talk soon and catch up!

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are great! Especially of Paige of course and I love the one with Jen, Laura, Drew and Aaron. Wow- Paige sure has traveled alot in her short life so far!! Love, Grammy

stacy bostrom said...

it is so fun that gavin and paige are so close in age - can't wait for them to meet. i hadn't checked your blog in a while - so great and paige is adorable! they are getting so big! keep up the good blogging - we enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ok- Eight months old and so much more... What happened to 9 months old and so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!