In honor of Father's Day tomorrow i must mention my wonderful husband! Words cannot describe how amazing he is as a father to our baby and my love for him has only grown deeper as I have watched him love and care for her these past 9 months... I am convinced that her life will be blessed as a direct result of her fun, loving and caring daddy. He is a man of God who prays for her (and me) and who cares deeply for his loved ones. I learn so much from him and know that she will always respect him and look up to him for so many things (like his work ethic, faith and ability to always tell the truth, seek the truth and put others first- not to mention the fact that he treats me with love and respect).

They already have a special bond- she lights up when he enters the room and even kicked in my tummy at the sound of his voice. Of course her first word was da da and is still her favorite and most common word!

So we celebrate you Daddy..."Thanks for all you do for me & mommy. If i could say more than ga ga, goo goo and da da...I would say:"

i just love you daddy and i want the whole world to know!
see how i light up when you walk in a room!
i love the pranks you pull on me...see how funny i think it is that you piled the laundry and blankets on me!?! and i can be so serious- just like you!
thanks for always helping me fall asleep!
and for helping feed me, bath me, bundle me and even clip my nails!
i love how you always help me have fun...i have a lot to look forward to as i grow up...
i love looking at you too!

Happy Father's Day - We Love You!

...And on to other fun things!


Here are some great websites from my friend Ailie...I have also added them in the appropriate link areas. We both love Etsy and there is so much to see on that sight- I always love hearing about etsy stores that others enjoy too!!!

Also, here is one I have come across a few times now! It is fun to check it out from time to time:


Tip junkie helped me find this link (and I will use it this summer for sure since I am certain the oven will not be very appealing on days like today- 103 degrees out there- yuck)...also it looks like she tries to make things "gluten free"...so if that is an issue for you, there is an added bonus for checking it out:


Another one from Ailie...hot new deals everyday:

...happy searching...

xoxo - *laura*


ailie said...

Laura, I love it, we must look at the same blogs! I just discovered "A Year of Crockpotting" this last week. Looks like some fun recipes to try!

deb said...

Thanks so much for linking us! Adorable photos. Today was my DH's first Father's Day! :)