...our crazy july & an 11 month old!

can you believe our girl is eleven months old? she is a master crawler, is cruising along the furniture and standing any chance she gets. she can loves to "quak, quak, quak" and learned the word "nana" for banana from carson on our camping trip. she can do the sign language for more, please and eat. she is eating almost everything & is becoming very attached to her the monkey she sleeps with. she is a delight and a joy and we love her more everyday!

it is become very difficult to take her pictures now that she is so active and mobile
let me first say sorry for such a long time with no posts...as you can see july was busy! we were gone most of the month and had several crazy adventures. here are just a few highlights.

*seattle or bust*
to all our friends in seattle we love you and are so glad that we got to see so many of you. thanks for inviting us into your homes and feeding us, letting us stay, making us coffee, meeting us all around town...it was so nice to be back in one of our favorite places with all of you. we hope we can get up there again soon- it was too much fun to stay away.

my foxy husband!

on the road- somewhere in smoky northern california
one of the highlights of our trip was seeing grandma paula & auntie shannon on our road trip...they met up with us in redding for several hours...so much fun!

she loves her books & those soft hotel pillows- so sanitary!

paige's first visit to SPU...i love the loop
she just loved crawling around on the grass after being in the car for sooooo long!
we love the peltons! they are some of our favorite people in the whole world! thank you dave & clare for your wonderful hospitality and friendship! thank you josh and sarah for being charming (as always) and for making paige laugh and smile! xoxo
kerry park...one of the best views in seattle
me & paige and laura & emma had so much fun together. emma is about 6 weeks older and she is just a peanut...she is sweet & cute & simply delightful. you just want to hug her. they had fun in the wading pool at green lake while us roommates hung out.

one of the primary reasons we went to seattle was to see my old roommates (from the Well at spu) and to celebrate ailie with a baby shower. although we never seem to have enough time together- it is always so wonderful to be back in the company of these five other women (courtney, ailie, jacinda, mel & laura) . i love there girls and cherish our fun times at spu, in the well and even since then. i would not be who i am without their friendships! even though we seem to be spreading further apart geographically- i am confident that we will always find a way to get together in the years to come. isn't ailie a cute little mama?emily was able to join us at the shower as well!

courtney (auntie coco) is one of the best friends a girl could have. thanks for letting us stay and making us coffee and for a fun visit as always!
emily had all sorts of fun tricks to keep paige happy!

the nelsons also took us in...and gave us a lovely tour of the city of the soft petal (otherwise known as mt. vernon) . paige got to meet braelyn...who is barely 6 weeks younger and such a doll. she is quiet & petite with a really sweet demeanor and no sense of mischief. unlike paige who got her to eat some dog food while their daddy's (who were supposed to be watching them) weren't looking! she also likes to say "mamma, mamma, mamma" ...which paige picked up and is now saying (especially at night when she doesn't want to go to bed). it was fun to see our girls together and to hang with the nelsons- we always laugh a lot when we are all together! and paige loved tally- she chased her all over the house and even tried to follow her outside several times.paige is crying because we made her sit and she wanted to chase tally and then as usual when she likes someone these days she points at them.jeff had to dress up as robin for a race he ran with some of his fellow police officers. we helped him put together this awesome costume. from what we hear it was one of the favorite costumes!

*here are some other fun things we did in july*

meeting little addie foster...she is soooo cute!she loves reading and she loves uncle drew
she loves to do "so big" and she always makes this face when she does it!
paige loves her daddy...so she wore this outfit for him on his birthday (her shirt says "my dad rocks")! happy 29th birthday aaron!

camping at hume lake with the trempers! check out their blog for more pictures!
ten months old! carson and elsie were so good to paige and it was so fun to see all the girls together!

little princess
(we love this dress from auntie colleen- her and gigi are always buying paige the most lovely gifts)!

4th of July


stacy bostrom said...

what a great post - so much fun! super adorable! hope gavin and paige can meet soon (just imagine a boy version of carson - VERY active!) stacy

Anonymous said...

yehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! It is about time we get to see a new blog. Paige seems to change everyday. Thanks for sharing Laura- I loved it!!!!!!! Grammy

Anonymous said...

Ok, time for new 1 year old picture!!!!!!!!!!!