congrats to aunt fifi for being our ExpectNet winner!
she guessed a boy on april 22nd...is that amazing or what?

paige is loving being a big sister- she is doing really well. i think having a baby around has made her advance towards two a little bit earlier...but we expected her to have some difficulty with the whole thing. all in all she is doing pretty well and even when she is throwing a fit or not listening she is making us laugh a lot. her latest thing is telling us "bye,bye" when she doesn't want us watching her do something she is not supposed to do. she is too smart.

some family pics!
grant turned one week old yesterday!
we just love our little peanut. he is such a sleepy head...we call him the turtle because he is rarely awake and when he does decide to wake up he opens his little eyes like a turtle as if to say "wow...i've been in my shell for a long time."

i had to take a comparison picture of paige and grant at one week...he is so tiny and sleepy!

we have seen dr. kratzer a lot lately...we love him and his staff!
and paige has wooed all the nurses...they just love her.

"YOU DID WHAT - TO MY WHAT?" (grant after his little operation)daddy & paige have been working in the yard everyday. we are enjoying this weather and going outside as much as possible...the fresno heat will soon be upon us!


Mr. Police Man said...

You guys look great!

Megan said...

aww congrats! you guys are so beautiful!