...three weeks has come & gone!

three weeks? where is the time going?
we are busy, busy, busy with two kiddos...but loving it (well most of the time)! grant is growing, very sleepy but waking up a lot more, and very strong (he'll have to be to keep up with paige).

wow- does he look like my dad in this one or what?

poor guys spits up just like his sister (in this picture i imagine him saying "oh great- here we go again..."). paige was trying to grab his toes and would not get out of the picture despite my begging. she just kept saying "baby grant's toes...baby grant's toes" again & again!
after his little photo shoot i stuck him in here real quick to grab something and paige had grabbed a spit up rag and was trying to wipe up his face...so cute. although i had to again urge her not to cover up baby grant's face...oh boy...i love how sweet she is with him most of the time!

the boys


Anonymous said...

Wow, he does remind me of Dad. Thanks Laura for posting this! And it was good to get a glimpse of Paige also. See you soon! Love, Mom

Ray and Ev said...

Love the new pics of Grant - he does look like Walt!!! Changing so much - can't wait to see him soon! Nice facial hair on Aaron!!

cara said...

Laura your family is so adorable! Grant is too cute! Congratulations to you all!