...and then there were four...oh boy!

sorry for the lack of blog updates. we have been soooooooo busy with these two kids and aaron has been working a lot. along with that we have had some issues with the pictures on our computer disappearing...so in the words of my mother sorry to let our fans down. i have been very overwhelmed with the transition of two kids...so i will try to update the blog when i can...but right now i am just in survival mode!

happy 4th of july!

we got a quick surprise visit from the trempers...what a treat!
i had to see how he would do in the bumbo...he has a really strong neck...and he liked it...but i think he needs a few more weeks before we can really put him in it...i cannot wait!

outdoor movie (eight below), snow cones, popcorn and snow...sound like a fun church outing? only in fresno would you see kids in the middle of summer (i think it was over 100 that day) in a pile of snow having a blast even though they could no longer feel their fingers. paige was right there in the mix with the big kids and could not get enough of it...in fact she kept playing while everyone else watched the movie- this was right before we left at 9:00 pm!
if you don't know what it is like to have a child who spits up...let me just say it is not fun. i thought i would give you a taste by taking pictures of him in each outfit i changed him into on his ten week birthday...there was actually one more before bed but i did not have the energy to take a picture.
AND here are the other pictures from the last several weeks...
this guy is too cute!
someone wanted in the action...imagine that!
sad lip - i think paige taught him this one!
he is changing so fast...tooo fast.

some friends at our church lost their little baby boy Tyler Rumley last week (their blog: www.therumleys.com ) please join us in praying for them...and be sure to kiss your babies everyday & tell them you love them.


Anonymous said...

Yay Laura- finally new pics- i love it! You can really see how much Grant has grown each week and Paigey is adorable as always. Hang in there- you are doing great and hopefully Aaron will return to a normal schedule soon!Love, Mom

Ray and Ev said...

Love the new pics Laura...Grant is catching up to Asher! He is such a cutie!

ailie said...

Wow, Grant is getting so big! And I'm so sorry about the spitting up . . . Kohen spit up a ton, and it was frustrating on many different levels (wondering if he got enough food, changing his clothes, changing my clothes, etc). I don't think you can even understand how frustrating it is until you've been through it. You are a wonderful Mom and I was seriously so impressed with how relaxed you were when I saw you! Hang in there!