...all i want for my birthday!!!!

yesterday was grammy's birthday...and she said that all she wanted for her birthday was new pictures of her grand kids on the blog. so i have now spent the last two hours doing just that...i hope you love all the pics grammy. we love you...happy birthday! (and happy birthday to aunt ev also...we love you too! xoxox

fun at the mall's water park!

these two are already having fun together...at least paige thinks so!

mr. smiley
three months and they are both proudly wearing their "tax deduction" shirt!!!!

i love these jammies and they no longer fit...so i got pics the last night he wore them...doesn't he look like his cousin asher in this one? i think so!

someone wanted in on the pics...imagine that. she also wanted elmo in the pics!

here's paige at 12 weeks...the look similar but paige was so chubby!

paige loves tomatoes (or "matoes") these days...she eats them like apples as you can see. hmmmm...she is more like aunt fifi everyday!

last month aaron turned 30....yeah! we celebrated with some of our favorite people and of course yummy food! so much fun. even some of our family members were able to come from out of town! aaron got an amazing camera from his parents that we are LOVING! thanks nana & papa!

the next day we had little grant dedicated at church!
that basically means that we committed to pray for him, teach him about the Lord and ask others around us to help us do the same. so all of our church friends and family gathered around us to do so...we are so grateful! and we were also very honored to the first baby dedication at the well southeast!

we had a great trip to southern california in june or was it may? hmmm. but these are some of the "lost photos" that are now found!

the whole time we were down there uncle ray kept telling paige to say "lose the beard dad" and so we decided to document the losing of the beard (more "lost photos").

and finally here are a few more "lost photos" of my lovely baby shower! the meyer's girls threw me and grant a wonderful party with good food & friends. it was fun to get so many great little gifts for grant and to introduce him to everyone! love those meyer's girls. i wish paige was in this photo...but isn't it cute even so?!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for my birthday present- LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

Zakaryans said...

i can't believe paige is taking after aunt fifi with the "matoes"... gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laur - awesome blog. your mom has GOT to be happy now! right aunt mary?

Cherish Stockdale said...

Loved this one!! Full of good stuff. But I gotta say my faves were of Aaron's beard getting shaved!! sooo funny!

Aaron said...

Great pictures! I especially love the "tax deduction" outfit! And Laura, your daughter has your smile!

dnwilkinson said...

Laura... the kids are adorable. So you go to The Well? We live right down the street from the Maple/Nees location. How are you doing these days? Give me a call when you have some free time. 559-917-7585.

Mazz said...

you were busy! good work.