...fall fun and a few firsts!

we so busy these days and i am so very behind on posting...so enjoy these for now and hopefully at some point i'll catch up (mom i hope you enjoy)!

we couuldn't get her to smile normal.

 this was paige's first starbucks hot chocolate...i think she is going to be like her mommy!

that's my girl!

our first time carving a pumpkin with the kids...paige was not sure what to think!  we got cute pictures with the jack o lantern in their fun halloween outfits from gigi!


Anonymous said...

Great pumpkin carving Aaron!!

Mazz said...

cute cute cute! you all are having a ton of fun.

MUGGS said...

Look at how much fun you guys are having! Cute pictures Laura....but I have to know where this slide is? It looks like something I will HAVE to do. =)

Anonymous said...

OK, seriously. We need to meet up sometime. I have those same slide pictures with my kids! I thought you lived in WA, but I also saw a Fresno Fire shirt. Hmm. Where are you? Anyway, let's meet up sometime in Pleasanton!! And happy birthday coming up!! :) Love ya- Kates