...hoping for more time on my side!

our boutique was a huge sucess and so much fun. i am back home, dealing with two sick kids and thinking about starting an etsy store.  we are having a lovely fall day with rain and beautiful, colorful leaves on the ground...i am listening to christmas music and living on coffee (i'm one of those strange people who loves to get into the holiday spirit as soon as halloween is over...sorry but 25 days in december is just not enough). lots of things on my mind and things to blog. hopefully time will be on my side soon!  here are a few websites i have been looking at lately. enjoy!

xoxo - *laura*


ailie said...

Here's another website for making baby food. I liked it for the pictures-they make baby food look gourmet!


MUGGS said...

Listening to Christmas music is THE BEST!!! Such a good day for it too. =)