...July's greenVALENTINE challenge!

Consider shopping for SECOND HAND items...

{Lightning was only $10 and the scooter was $3 at a yard sale...sweet}

Before you buy something new I want to encourage you to see what you can find through other means: 

{just think about it}

Garage Sales
Thrift/Second Hand Stores
Consignment Stores
(Plato's Closet has great clothes)

Swap Websites (like Swap.com
Even Etsy.com
Up-cycled Items
Antique Stores
Junk Yards
ReStore Outlets (Habitat for Humanity)
 Swap Parties (more on this another time)
 Your Friend's Closets

The list goes on & on but you get the idea! There are so many gently used items out there that can find a place in your life and not in a land fill!  I have to stretch myself to think this way sometimes...but we don't always have to get something brand new to love it!  I even try to think about borrowing items (like fancy dresses or shoes for a nice occasion if I'm only going to wear it once or kitchen items for a party that I am only going to use once)! 

So be a modern day treasure hunter & let your creativity run wild...there is a lot out there to find!

There are several things in these pictures that I got from friends who were getting rid of them, garage sales, thrift shops or antique stores...can you even guess which items are used?

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