...fun fall tradition...

For the past several years I have been carrying out a fun fall tradition of making a comfort meal and decorating for fall on one of the first cool evenings of the season.  
We did this a few weeks ago!  I would have done it on the first day of fall, but it was way too hot.  For dinner I made roasted chicken, roasted fall veggies, stuffing and that sort of thing!  For the table decor I used a white cloth I had lying around, some sheet music for place mats, candles, pumpkins and some miss-matched crystal.  I don't iron the linens or fuss over it...and Paige loves helping me set the table and make it pretty...even if it is simple! Then we put a few of our fall decorations out around the rest of the house and we are officially ready to celebrate my favorite season!
 What are some of your fall traditions?

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful ideas! I hadn't thought of using music as place-mats before. We still need to establish fall traditions for our family. It use to be cleaning up the yard before the neighbors reported us to the HOA ^_^. But now that we moved in a more "anything goes" location, we need to come up with something else..love this blog Laura!! - Regina