...our spontaneous adventure!

this saturday (April 21st) started out like any other. we had volunteered to help with special olympics and got up early to head out. we checked the directions on our way out the door and realized the event had been the day before (4/20). we were really bummed when we realized that we had unintentionally dissed the disabled...but we had a whole weekend ahead of us decided to make the best of it. i gave aaron his academy graduation gifts early in hopes that I could talk him into a last minute camping trip. a new tent, air mattress and some other accesories- along with some persuading and we were on our way up to Yosemite! it is really beautiful there in spring.we got to there in no time. the shot of half dome (below) was our first view of "the valley" on our drive in. our camp sight was just below half dome, along a river and not too far from curry village. we did some exploring before heading back to our camp sight. salmon, potatoes and garlic bread made the perfect dinner...along with smores of course. we even managed to play a game of scrabble before dark and turned in just as it was starting to rain! the forecast had predicted rain but we are used to that from camping in Washington- so we didn't think much of it!



much to our surprise we woke up to SNOW! it was beautiful...really beautiful...but not good for tent camping. it was a good thing aaron had put this tarp on our tent to keep out the expected rain. we got on the road as quickly as we could pack up the car and managed to make it out of there safely while getting in a few more good pictures along the way. the road conditions were not good...it was not an ideal situation driving out of there in a small car...but by the grace of God aaron knew how to drive in the snow and got us home in one piece.


Zakaryans said...

FLO... that looks SO fun! I love it. I can't believe it snowed. How did the little panfi feel about that? You guys look really happy in those photos... awesome! Love,KZ

Mazz said...

So cool. You have to give us tips on where to camp here in the great state of Washington.