The Pregnancy Chronicles...baby moves & bellies!

So the baby finally moved (on 4/12/07)! Two nights ago I was trying to fall asleep and felt the little "flutter" they talk about. Wow- that has got to be one of the most amazing feelings in the world. One of my books said that the baby is often born 147 days after you first feel it move...if that is true I will have the baby on September 5th. Sorry Dad (he is hoping to share his birthday with the baby on August 26th)!

Aaron was feeling jealous of all my belly shots...and so we took some of him just to be fair. 
I am 20 weeks and that means I am half way through the pregnancy!!!!


Jen said...

Very hot aaron...but please get some sun on that white belly before you allow it to be seen in public again!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh man,.... Laura,... that's gonna really hurt ,... :)

( geeeez,.. I crack myself up sometimes ))

Ryan and Emma said...

It seems like I just saw you (before you were showing) it's amazing how fast things change! I love to be able to see the progress!!! You're glowing!