...conquering half dome & pregnancy!

aaron and his buddies jeff & trent got the chance to hike half dome last week. they flew up that hike...i cannot believe how quickly they made it to the top (it has always taken me a really long time- so i guess i'm just amazed)! he said the weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded- although he and jeff decided to bypass the "slow pokes" who were going up the middle of the cables and went on the outside of them. the cables are what you see in this first picture and they help stabilize you as you head up that steep incline. for someone like me they are the only thing that would get me up a cliff like that. hiking half dome is something aaron has always wanted to do...so I'm glad it finally became a reality. i still hold the bragging rights of hiking it 4 times (with the exception of the last time in which i did not do the top mile- if you have not heard that story you'll have to ask me about it sometime). hopefully in the next year aaron and i can hike it together.

actually i feel like this pregnancy is kind of like half dome but i don't get the option of not doing the top mile...it's coming...ready or not. but i know once i "get to the top" and this precious baby is born the difficulties of the trip will have been worth it. i guess that is why people like me keep hiking half dome. even though it is challenging...there's no other way to view that incredible scene unless you do the work to get to the top. and much like pregnancy there are some incredible things along the way that keep you going despite the discomfort (like feeling the baby kick and seeing it move on the ultrasound and coming up with names). we got about an 8 week hike left!


Mazz said...

I remember when we all did that back in high school. Noish and I were crazy and went up and down the top part twice. We were nutz. We actually ran down the side of the cables.

Tim said...

Unlike half dome, the beauty of a child will be with you for more than a day. I cannot wait until you reach the top of your hike, (and have a boy :-) ).