...showered again!

aaron's family threw me a lovely baby shower this past weekend in susanville. paula and shannon made me feel really special and loved with a dessert party and lots of friends. it was not only nice to catch up with people, but the weather was beautiful and we got to enjoy the new deck that paula and randy built last summer. baby panfilio was spoiled with lots of gifts and the evening was filled with a lot of laughs and delicious desserts (including a cake that mommy particularly loved)! thanks ladies for a wonderful party...i only wish our trip had not been so quick. can you tell how much my belly has grown in a month and a half?


Ryan and Emma said...

I was so excited to see some recent "belly" shots! You have gotten a lot bigger, but you couldn't be glowing more! It's so exciting to be able to be witness to your journey can't wait to see the little one!
love emma

everydayVALENTINE said...

thanks emma...we are excited to see this little baby too! *laura*

{B} said...

You look beautiful! Your little one will be here before you know it!
Always Brittlee