...babies, bellies & a house!

life is good and we are surviving the 100 degree weather...although i am not loving it. we grow more excited for the arrival of our little baby everyday (and mommy grows more excited to not be pregnant anymore)!

we have been busy with parties, house hunting and a trip to shaver lake with some of our new friends (not to mention celebrating aaron's birthday on july 12th). we also replaced our digital camera and can now get back in the habit of taking pictures. here are some shots of the house we are buying.

our friends laura & sean jackson just had their first baby...little emma. she is a strong little girl who is doing well after heart surgery...thank you Lord for taking care of their little one...your miracles never cease! we cannot wait to meet her the next time we are up in seattle!


Tim said...

any mommey grows a little every day :-). Dude that backyard looks amazing. Can't wait to enjoy it with you guys :-). I am so excited for you two. Pretty big things are taking place...

moxleyfam said...

wow, what fun timing! The house looks amazing...lots of room for a little one to run around in.

ps. just wondering if you had a moment to forward me the link to those diaper bag thingys. i would appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Laura and Aaron- Dad and I are so excited for your new beginnings. Your first house and especially the new little bundle of joy. 10 days and counting. We will see you in a few days for the big move.