...fresno love!

last week my new friends in fresno threw me a baby shower. the theme was centered around pampering me...which was wonderful. the best part was that they prayed for me, aaron and the baby and encouraged me that they would continue to do so. it was so special and made me feel really loved. we are so grateful for the friends we have made here through church and the fire department...God has answered our prayers and we know that this is just the beginning. the shower came at a great time because i was in the midst of a 3 week battle with a pregnancy rash (called PUPP) that was making me miserable. i needed some TLC. the rash seems to be clearing up and my doctor has cleared me of anything serious (i got to go to the hospital routinely for a few weeks to make sure the baby was okay...fun stuff). now we're just ready to meet the baby! only three more weeks- but i'm praying for an early arrival!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful support group you have. I am so glad they are making you feel special!!