...more pictures!

gigi came! paige's great grandma marlene came for a visit this past weekend! we all loved the company and the presents from gigi and aunt catherine! lots of girly clothes & gifts!

we were lucky enough to have a very gifted photographer here to take
pictures of us and our little paige. unfortunately by the time we took the
picture of her in aaron's helmet she was not happy (check it out- it's
funny)! the pictures are so awesome...we love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we also had pictures taken from Cori at (she's a great photographer) : derksen photography

love that smile!

she was two weeks old on saturday...my how she is growing!


Emma Nowell said...

The pictures are beautiful! I can only imagine what a gift that is right now, to be able to have something that truly captures her and you all as a family. I admit, I'm addicted, I check the website daily for new pics of little paige (and you two of course :)- you and aaron look great- so happy and glowing)

lacey said...

LOVE the pictures!!!

Tim said...

wow Corey took some beautiful photos.

Todd said...

Good updating! The one-eyed Jack pose is classic :)

Ryan and Emma said...

Great pictures!! Everyone looks so happy and having fun.

Mr. Police Man said...

Great pics

Tim said...

I hope everything is well with the three of you. And if everything is well, 3 days is too long of a break to go without more Paige pictures...!