the proud grandparents!

here are a few pics from last tuesday...it was very hard for them to leave...paige misses them already. they helped a lot while they were here and even helped unpack a bunch of our boxes...we cannot wait for aunt shannon, uncle kevin and gigi (great grandma marlene) to come visit too!

we took paige to target today for mommy's first shopping spree! i found some great clothes for her and look forward to many shopping trips to come. she hung out in the metro wrap (see above) the whole time...barely made a peep until the end when she was getting hot. also, we got our first delivery of cloth diapers today from a diaper service my parents are doing for us. we had planned to do cloth diapers and when my mom heard she made a bunch of phone calls to help us track down a service so we don't have to worry about washing them right now. how nice!
this is one of aaron's favorite pictures!


cara said...

she's melting my heart and i haven't even met her. Seriously, she is so cute!

Jacinda said...

Hi Laura and Aaron! Paige is BEAUTIFUL and I am SO happy for you...I am getting all teary as I see how much you love your little one. You guys are fabulous parents, I know! I wish I could drop off a little baby food shapadooah for my dear little Paige... :) Love you guys!