...southern california trip!

here are the pics from our trip a couple weeks ago...

we had the wonderful opportunity of introducing paige to my mom's whole family. the schopeck clan gets together once a year and this year it was for katie & pat's wedding! it was so great because most of them won't get the chance to see her again for a year!

my beautiful cousin kate...what a gorgeous bride! check out this link for more photos of her amazing wedding day: feather love photo
great grandma rosalyn
four generations

i was lucky to be escorted by my cousin ben, kate's brother
paige slept like this with daddy the whole ceremony!
cousin cory
cousin annjanette
katie, aunt chris, uncle nick and carolyn were so excited to meet baby paige...
carolyn (age 3) went from saying "i want to hold her..."
to saying "um...i don't want it anymore"
so we made her smile really quick!

paige finally got to meet the trempers!

paige & carson- these girls are only six months a part in age!
elsie (age 3) and paige

auntie mishawn (mishawma)
she doesn't know what to think of uncle matt- daddy warned her about him!
paige elizabeth - 5 weeks & carson michelle - 7 months


Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures of little PP (precious paige). She is changing so much each day. She is such a little doll!! Love, MOM(GRAMMY).

Zakaryans said...

MARMMM... when you are down here next weekend please be prepared to put your baby snatching ways behind you. Flo, I love these photos, especially you and Kate and Paige. Sooo adorable!! Love you, KZ

lacey said...

Laura! You looked stunning at your cousin's wedding!!!