a daddy's girl, thanksgiving and more...

what a daddy's girl she is...we went to visit aaron at the station the other night and she cried (i mean screamed her head off) the whole way there. of course i hit every traffic light on the way and each time i had to stop she cried more. when i got the station aaron's crew was just getting back from a call and heading out again. by the time they got back again (about 15 minutes later) she had not really calmed down. i changed her diaper, clothes, burped her- everything. and then...of course...as soon as she was in daddy's arms she was happy and asleep within a matter of moments. it was so cute it had to take a few shots! what a daddy's girl!

the many faces of paige!

i love christmas! i mean LOVE christmas. so i am so excited to share that with paige as she grows up. we wend to christmas tree lane with our friends the alvarez's the other night and we had to bundle paige up because mamma it was cold outside! she looked around the whole time and did not want to be in her stroller...needless to say she slept 12 hours that night...she was wiped out! i can hardly believe she is three months old!

paige is not sure what to think of makenna's static hair...makenna you are tooooo cute!

her shirt says "i love to shop" and is from aunt ev. aunt ev and i have a special bond and it is in part due to our mutual love for shopping. so it is only fitting that she should buy paige this shirt.

this is another cute outfit from gigi marlene...we miss you gigi...come visit soon!

our thanksgiving was fun this year. we all met on the central coast for the usual hoopla. it was only a couple of hours from here so it was a nice quick trip! my dad's cousin ian has an amazing restaurant near san luis obispo, mcphee's grill, that we had the pleasure of eating at for our thanksgiving meal. yummy...yummy...yummy. paige was the "hit of the party" among ian's wife's family (or so he said the next day). abby (below) loved holding her. she got married on paige's birthday in september. she was really cute with paige and told her husband that night "let's have one now..." (it was really sweet). the only bummer was that drew could not make the trip...i kept looking around and wondering where he was.

aaron & i celebrated our 7th anniversary of our first date. we were in college then and had known each other for a few years as friends. i lived in a "theme house" (the well) on campus with five other amazing women and we decided to have a night where we would ask out guys to go on the date for each other. this is a dorm tradition called "roomies" and is a lot of fun...it takes pressure off of asking people out yourself and is a big group date- so if it is a dud you are not totally at a loss. we called it "wellies" and i will never forget the day my roommate jacinda came home and said "i asked panfi if he would come and he said of course...he seemed excited laura...i bet he likes you." i down played it- but i was so excited. any ways- we started dating pretty serious after that and as they say "the rest is history." it might sound cheesy- but i am big on tradition- and every year since our first date we have gone back to claim jumper and celebrated (november 18th) just like we did for our wellies. i also loving thinking about that time in our lives, and my roommates and how much fun it was to be on our first date (nervous, exciting and fun all wrapped up into one).(paige is tucked behind aaron in her car seat carrier- she was very cooperative and hardly made a peep the whole night)

how cute are these boots from alicia...i just love them!

the proud grandparents...my mom actually cried when she saw paige at thanksgiving because she was so excited to see her again...i adore my mom...she is so sweet and sentimental. she cries easily and often when she is happy...my sister and i are going to be just like her i think (it is a schopeck trait and a good one)!

also, if you have never seen this clip about pleasanton that was on the late, late show with craig ferguson...you have to watch it. even if you are not from pleasanton and you have just visited i think you will find it funny...well at least i think so. i loved growing up in pleasanton and still love it there...any ways, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That's a funny take on Pleasanton. We were up in Danville/Pleasanton for Thanksgiving, and walked down that street a couple times. Hope you guys are doing well...

Mr. Police Man said...

Lots of great pics!

Zakaryans said...

Great post! Love seeing little Paige. She is adorable. Can't wait to see her again in person. Missing you guys! -KZ