...beauty queen, giggles, metro wrap up, plastic seagull & one year in fresno!

our beauty queen!
GIGGLES: paige is getting very vocal and she giggled for the first time the other day...she loves to smile and play like this...i took some pictures because i just love when she is so happy like this!
these days the hands are always in the mouth- she sucks her thumb a lot now too.

METRO WRAP UP: i finally figured out a few other ways to hold paige in the metro wrap...now that she can see she wants to face out. there is one way...she is like a little bundle! i had her like this at church and she fell asleep as soon as the worship music started (i did have to keep walking around in the back) but she loves it. so cute this girl!

ONE YEAR IN FRESNO: so it has officially been a year since we moved from southern california. crazy! here are some pictures of our moving day and our friends who helped us...we have moved a lot...so it is amazing that anyone is still willing to help us move at this point! anyways, thanks to the trempers, meadows and eric for all your help. we miss all our friends down in so cal.

PLASTIC SEAGULL: this is one of three gold seagulls that hung on my grandparents wall for like 40 years! they had been there so long there was dirt imprints of seagulls on the wall when we took them down. we snuck one into my parents house and displayed it gloriously on the mantle while they were not looking...it was fun! the best part is that i always thought they were brass or gold...oh no...they were plastic & hollow!
jer & sharon are always helping us! they are the best! p.s. happy belated birthday sharon!

even though we have moved every year and a half of our marriage- we have a lot of stuff!

mishawn was prego with carson...and i was prego with paige
(but didn't know it yet and kept wondering why i was so tired)!

my girl elsie!
eric (our favorite islands employee) & aaron

here are a few pictures from my last day with fullmer...i miss you all too!
uncle ray...he was my boss...crazy guy!
me & scott!

the ladies: patty, diana, lori, me, jordyn, karlyn (and denise not pictured)

i made a lot of great friends at fullmer (many of them i do not have pictures with)...but i miss working there. it was also great working for my uncle ray- even though he is crazy- it was fun and most of the time i loved it.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome picture of K.B.-a.k.a.-Uncle Ray! And of course the little Beauty Queen. She seems to be changing every day now. See you soon.
Love, Mom (Grammy)