merry christmas, life group, elephants on parade, and a visit from the trempers...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

i hope that you all enjoy your holiday...as we celebrate Christ's birth i am reminded of all that i am thankful for. we have been blessed this year with circumstances and blessings that have been perfectly orchestrated by our loving heavenly Father. God prepared a wonderful place for us in fresno and we are grateful for aaron's job, a wonderful new house, great new friends who we have come to love and of course paige (the most wonderful christmas gift of all)! as i look at all of our christmas cards i am reminded that we are fortunate to have many wonderful extended families, great friends from growing up and amazing friends from college, new friends from our time in orange county and now fresno...we love you all. here are some pictures from the past week...we have more to come as my family left yesterday and aaron's family comes tomorrow!

merry christmas and may you be blessed in the new year!

our life group...we love these guys!
trent, deAuna, tim, tokunbo, me & paige, josh, katrina, adam & ashley


this was our christmas gift exchange and party (unfortunately aaron was working and paige and i had to miss the walk down christmas tree lane...but it was still fun)!

our fun dinner to celebrate tim and deauna's birthdays!

elephants on parade!
thank you ailie for my elephant shirt...i can finally wear it!

we love the trempers...so we were thrilled when we all decided to make it a tradition to get together every december for christmas. they agreed to come here for a few nights and boy did we have fun, fun, fun!
elsie (3), matt, carson (10 months), mishawn, me (auntie lala), paige (16 weeks), aaron (uncle a)

pictures with santa...the girls did great!
elsie loved holding paige...she couldn't get enough of her. at one point aaron said "you can hold her-but she is really hungry..." and this is what happened! aaron said elsie was giggling and saying "she is trying to feed from me uncle a..."

we opened presents together...
elsie loved her ballerina princess story (her name was in the book, along with carson & paige and where she lives...very cool!)
all three girls got a bath together...so fun!

elsie helped me make wrapping paper...she did such a great job!


Todd said...

Great update. I'm glad you had such a good year :) Sounds like so much cool stuff going on in your lives. May '08 be even better!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

the pictures with Elsie and Paige are so funny with Paige trying to nurse!! Mom

Laura Jackson said...

What a doll! She's beautiful. To bad you don't live closer so we can hang out and our little girls can play together!