...happy new year!

our girl paige is officially 4 months old...wow she is growing fast!
this is a little outfit from nana paula...it is so cute and even has a bunny in the pocket.

thanks gigi marlene for my new sweater! i look so cute!
a christmas extravaganza...
hanging with daddy...
...and mommy!

we spent a few days after christmas with the panfilio crew! we had a great visit and soaked up a lot of quality time...we don't get to see them very often...so it was really nice. lots of good food, great gifts, laughter, a few movies, games and plenty of good conversation. we loved having everyone in our new home and sharing paige's first christmas together.

gigi marlene
auntie shannon & uncle kevin
uncle kevin loves paige...just loves her!

falling asleep with papa randyit's a bird, it's a plane...it's super paige!

auntie shannon & nana paula had so much fun with paige- doesn't she look like a doll in this outfit! we were lucky to get some "hand-me-downs" from jessica manoukian (quite possible one of the best dressed little girls i have ever met)! thank you jessica!
saying goodbye was so sad...gigi only got to be here one day...hope to see you all again soon.

we spent a few days before christmas with the morse clan...complete with izzy & rusty!

paige must be thinking...."how did i get into this family?"

aunt fifi loves this girl....she is a baby whisperer...always lulling paige to sleep!
paige is talking up a storm these days! she can jabber on & on for ten minutes or more!


Mr. Police Man said...

Comments to the pics at the end. Who's your daddy?

Sorry Laura but at this point in Paige's life she shows a lot of Panfilio-ness. Great pics. We miss you guys!

Emma Nowell said...

Great pics! Looks like you had a great Christmas. Paige is looking more and more like you every day! She's such a doll!

Zakaryans said...

Okay... this was an awesome post. Paige is SO adorable. I can't wait to see her again. I miss her... and you two as well. Flo, are you coming this month or what? PLEASE OH PLEASE COME! Love you, auntie kim