...first born, snowshoeing & of course paige!

i came across this picture today of my parents with my sister jen (aunt fifi) when she was just an itty bitty baby! i was amazed at how similar it is to a picture aaron and i took with paige when she was just a week old- how sweet. i don't always look like my mom- but in this picture even our hair style is similar.

i hate to officially admit this- but now i get it when they say there is something special about your first born child. i hate admitting it because being the "middle child martyr" is so much more fun. but i'm sure that this is not the first time i will have to eat my words about my childhood now that i am a parent.
last week aaron and tim went snowshoeing...they had fun until aaron's snowshoe broke and he spent 30 minutes trying to fix it. in a very magiver-like fashion he shoved a bobby pin in it and made it work so that they could at least hike a little ways. but it was not the trip they had hoped for. luckily REI gave them a refund and that just means that they get to go again.


Emma Nowell said...

those glasses are ADORABLE! She looks like quite the fashionable baby! She'll take after her mommy- no doubt!

Anonymous said...

OK, Paige- you are the cutest baby I have ever seen, except for your mom, aunt fifi and uncle drew of course. Wow, Laura- you and I do look alot alike in those pictures and Paige and Jen look alike also. I hope we see you soon!! Love, Grammy