...february pics, p.f. changs & a mushroom!

here are a bunch of fun pictures i took in february. enjoy!

yummy...we love spit up on the carpet...thankfully she rarely spits up anymore!

so i have a great story to tell you all. back in december our life group decided to go to p.f. changs for a special birthday dinner to celebrate deAuna and tim. trent made reservations weeks in advance and we decided to bring paige along since the only babysitters we could come up with would be at the dinner festivities. unfortunately when we got there the restaurant informed us that all large parties have to sit on the patio (this is december folks- we are talking cold). of course they failed to mention this when trent made the reservation...not good. the girls were dressed up (a few in dresses) and paige was with us (and only four months old), the metal chairs were so cold that we were borrowing our husbands coats to sit on and of course the heat lamp over us was broken- so that was special too. we had fun- but it was less than ideal. josh decided to call p.f. changs the next day and let them know what had happened. the regional manager apologized and felt so bad about it that he made us reservations to come back and to get a $200 credit towards our bill....sweet. so in february we went back- had an awesome free meal, inside the restaurant and enjoyed another evening with some of our favorite people. now that is good customer service if you ask me!
ashley & adam

tokunbo & tim

this makes pumping worth it!

josh & katrina

trent & deAuna


Marilyn said...

I love the second and third pictures. The second one especially. She is such a combo of the two of you in that picture. You can definitely say the many faces of Paige. She has a million in there.What a doll! Love, Grammy

Mr. Police Man said...

That thing in the back yard. I hate to admit it, but when I couldn't find my way around your place in the dark when I stayed with you a few weeks back, I may have walked outside and well....you know.

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cara said...

Hey Laura! I just saw that we share a blog post on the bowens blog. How fun! Next time you guys are in town we would love to see you and have you guys over for dinner. Hope all is well and to see you guys soon :)