...showers & such!

a few weeks ago we had a shower for our friends George & Katrina Arthur who are expecting a baby boy in the next week or so. it was really fun and even some guys got in on the shower action- although they were out of there and in the back yard during games. because there were so many firemen there paige had to get in on the action and wear her fire truck outfit. she was an angel and slept in her room for almost the entire party. congrats george & katrina...we cannot wait to meet marty!

paige never really took a pacifier (i bought 5 different kinds and she really never went for it) but she loves these rings and they often "pacify" her...so i guess that works!

in true morse fashion paige loves the remote and the tv. we try to not let her watch tv...but she loves it. she does come from a long line of tv lovers (starging with my grandpa george, then my dad and then my sister and me)...so i cannot say i blame her. but you never know, maybe she will be like aaron and love books...let's hope so.

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