...elections & babies!

there is one thing elections and pregnancies have in common...
you cannot wait for them to be over!

we were excited to take paige to vote (although we were just dropping off our absentee ballots) and even more excited when she got her own "i voted" sticker! it is never to early to teach kids to vote! even though the elections did not turn out in our favor on all accounts- we were glad to see so many people vote this year, glad to see such a historical event take place & honestly...glad to see the whole thing end. has this campaign lasted forever or is it just me? also, i got to see our little baby moving around the yesterday. it is still such a miracle to me when you see that little tiny life moving around inside of you. i know it is there- but since i have not felt it yet i almost forget. everything seems to be going well with baby...here are a few of the pictures! enjoy!


cara said...

I don't know if I've told you yet or not but a giant congrats on the next baby panfilio! We are excited for you guys and glad your pregnancy is going well. I'm only 9 weeks from my due date. Can't believe it's getting to this stage,and ready for the little one to be here!

Mr. Police Man said...

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl. I just had one, too...she's 2 months now. We totally need to chat and catch up soon...I miss you girl!! I got to your site through Natalie's new blog.
Here's mine -
morrowmoments.blogspot.com :)