...thanksgiving & babies!

we had the best time in susanville for thanksgiving. good food & fun was had by all! everyone was able to make it (including gigi marlene all the way from texas & shannon & kevin from idaho)! paige had fun playing in the leaves and in boxes- who needs toys? paige is smitten with uncle kevin (watch out daddy- you have some competition). nana paula & paige had fun sweeping the leaves in the back yard (nana swept - paige trampled through her pile - nana swept & it went on like that). we also had our christmas celebration and got to open presents! one of the highlights for me was getting to cut down our own christmas tree. if you know me well you know that i LOVE christmas and apart from my love of santa it is hard to compete with my love of christmas trees. i used to drive my family crazy at the lot trying to pick out the perfect tree. the tree we picked out is beautiful and HUGE...it was fun to see aaron chop it down! i have used every last strand of lights i can find in my stash of decorations to cover it. so fun. thank you papa randy for taking us up in the hills of susanville for my beloved tree!

in other news baby #2 is doing well- i am almost half way through the pregnancy!

if you want to see some pictures of paige from a few weeks ago check out the zakaryan blog. kim took them during our trip to southern california for katie's shower (we anticipate baby smith coming arrival this month- hopefully sooner than later for katie's sake)!

and finally- here are a few goofy pictures that the sherfields took/manipulated on their computer while babysitting paige. i guess it was really funny seeing her reaction to each new image as she of course said "baby" a million times (that is her favorite word and favorite thing for the moment...we hear "babies" a billion times a day).


block head baby

alien cat baby

dumb jock baby


Anonymous said...

Those last few pics are really SCARY!!!!!!!!!! The rest are great-it looks like you had a really good time in Susanville. Paige's stink eye pictures are too cute, including the one's on Kim's blog. Thanks for blogging again Laura.
Love, Grammy

Kaycee said...

aaron & laura! thanks to courtney vuletich, i have been spy-blogging you and can i just say, it is GREAT to see your guys' faces and also see your beautiful litle girl (which almost feels the same as meeting her)! if and when the day comes that our paths cross again, i would be oh so excited to see you. in the meantime, know i have not forgotten about you and truth be told, you have yet another blog fan in seattle. :) happy new year!