Happy Valentines Day!

Hello There-
Happy Valentine's Day (it's only the best holiday of the year)!
We are busy around here, but I just had to post a few pictures of our favorite little valentine!
We'll add some more photos & videos soon.
All our Love- The Panfilio's


Anonymous said...

Yehhhhhh! finally a new post! Happy Birthday Laura- I hope you have a wonderful day!! We love you, Mom & Dad

Zakaryans said...

YES! A new post! I love it... she is just the most adorable thing. I love you guys! -Kim

Todd said...

Paige looks great.

Katie and the Fam said...

Happy birthday Laura! :) Your little girl is darling. I loved watching the video below because I heard your laugh. So funny. Man, it's been forever, but it was to fun to hear you and see your growing family.

The Neves Clan said...

Laura! I love your blog and all the pictures you post. What a beautiful family. Congratulations on making it bigger. I'm adding you to my Blog list, fyi, so I can keep up. I hope you are doing well. And I miss singing with you. This is Missie (Kientz) Neves by the way. :)