...eighteen months going on 18!

paige is too funny these days. between loving on her baby and kissing "mommies baby" and having fun with Jenna (enna), Kirra (kia) and Cohl she is becoming quite the chatterbox. her sign language has slowed down because now she just wants to say everything! and i mean everything- she never stops talking. my favorite word that i have her say for everyone is peanut butter or "pee pee bu bu" in her terms. February was a very busy month along with our first really bad stomach flu for paige (you don't know love until your child throws up five times in one night and most of the rounds are on you)! we did make it to southern california for my cousin kim's baby shower (little asher is set to arrive about two weeks before baby aaron planned a wonderful birthday party for me with friends and we even got a visit from aunt fifi for the whole weekend...it was a great way to celebrate my last year as a 20-something.

we are counting the days until baby number two arrives (about 8 more weeks) and i am for sure in the nesting mode- in between naps of course. aaron is very busy with church involvement and more classes this month- along with an upcoming snowshoe backpacking trip in Yosemite for a few days. call me crazy but camping in the snow does not sound fun to me...but he cannot wait. enjoy these pictures!

Grammy was begging for some new JCPenney pictures...so here are her latest as she just turned 18 months! Where is the time going?

smelling the flowers!

The weather has been beautiful- so we got out the other day for some fresh air & sun!

the belly is growing!she is always pointing at the camera because she wants to see the "babies" on it...she does not realize the baby is her and sometimes we honestly cannot get her to smile because she keeps pointing and crying "babies, babies, babies"

we have been really enjoying time with our friends the obwalds- they go to our church and only live several blocks from here! paige is in love with them and lights up whenever they are around...here we are enjoying our "dress up box."
paige's first art project. she had fun...but didn't like her hands getting dirty (i was the same when i was little)
kim's baby shower was really fun- but paige was having one of the worst days of her little life- so i was very preoccupied. here we are trying to distract her by singing "wheels on the bus"...it only worked for a minute. usually i can bring her anywhere- but she was a mess that day and as a result i was wiped out. that night i went to bed at 8:00 and slept in too! the only bummer about the trip is that paige and i were so "out of it" we did not get to see all of the friends we wanted to see. we'll just have to get back there after the baby is born!
kim & aunt ev!katie, aunt fifi, paige, me & aunt chris!

we love cousin Madsen! he is so cute!

we finally got to meet madsen on our trip to southern california for kim's shower- unfortunately because paige had been so sick and because my mom got sick (the day she was supposed to leave with us for the trip)...we decided that paige and i would keep our distance. i was so bummed that i could not hold him- but paige loved helping out by rocking his car carrier! so fun!

paige loves uncle ray- they had a great time together. she also loved kitty & aunt ev. aunt ev & uncle ray had a lot of practice for little asher...they got up with paige and helped watch her and feed her and change her diaper...they are going to be wonderful grandparents!

i love pictures of her sleeping!
paige LOVES taking care of her baby dolls. the amazing thing is we have never shown her what to do- she just loves them. she started hugging them and giving them "loves" and kisses and feeding them all on her own. it's amazing. she tries to give them their pacifiers and puts them to sleep on their pillows...i guess she is watching mommy more than i realize! also, in the picture above she is reading her favorite book- surprise, surprise it is called little mommy and is all about a little girl who takes care of her dollies! she would be happy if we read this to her 20 times a day!paige trying to swaddle baby & upset that she cannot seem to do it herself!


Mr. Police Man said...

Man she is getting big. Off topic, Cast your SMS Dove Award vote for Addison Road.

Send "DOVE ADDISON" to 72648.

They personally e-mailed me when I asked them a question yesterday.

Jacinda said...

It's so fun to see pics of the fam, Laura! You are looking beautiful and I can't wait to meet baby #2. You are going to be a family of 4 soon! wow. Where does time go? Much love from Matt and me to all of you!

Alicia said...

I can't believe you're already almost due! I was looking at the picture of you, I think it's a boy this time. I'm usually wrong about these things, but I was right about Paige being a girl, so maybe.