...Disneyland & turning 30!!!

for my 30th birthday all i wanted was to go to Disneyland!  So my awesome husband planned a three day trip for us...we had a great time! the only bummer was that the kids go sick and so our trip was longer than planned and we missed seeing everyone we wanted to see while we were down there (especially my cousin Katie and her new little girl Maizie Jane....but hopefully we'll see her soon)!  I felt celebrated & loved and most of all had a great time in my favorite place!  aaron and i even got to spend a whole evening there w/out kids...a true gift!

Aunt Ev, Aunt Fifi & Grammy came along!
paige loved small world and the teacups the most and as far as the characters she liked them in theory but up close she was not so sure!

paige between the twins!  
she was excited about small world before we even got inside and was singing the song quietly by the end...so cute!
grammy loves little grant!

she wasn't so sure about this ride...her first flying one...but she warmed up to it! and then we met the princesses at ariel's gratto restaurant...she LOVED that!

 our view of California Adventure from the restaurant patio...so beautiful at night!
all in all her and grant were troopers...especially considering they were both getting sick! 

aunt fifi came with us and we met everyone else for lunch in downtown disney to celebrate my actual birthday!  paige was not really herself...but jen took her and grant home early and aaron and i got a date...what a fun night we had together running all over the parks by ourselves! jen was amazing...we had so much fun with her and she was hobbling around on a hurt ankle...never complaining...she is the best sister a girl could hope for!

this was taken after the alladin show...the kids sat through the whole thing...amazing...even grant who did not get what was going on at all.  paige asked aaron a million questions as she watched "what is alladin doing? where is alladin?  what is jasmine doing?  what's that?"

our final day...we were all pretty tired but had a great time.

waiting for peter pan's flight...mommies favorite ride! 
a few of mommies favorite things...coffee, disneyland and my sweet boy grant! 
paige wanted one more ride on small world...so daddy and grant did their own thing. 
paige is really into picking her nose these days...yummy!
bye, bye disneyland...we cannot wait to see you again 
and paige will be talking about you for years to come! xoxo


Emma Nowell said...

cute pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time, I'm sure it was a special time to watch the kids experience it all! You look great Laura! Love you!

Randy Panfilio said...

Hey you guys ,... What a great time,.. and wonderful photos.
Thank you,...
Good to see the kids got to smooze with the big wigs in story-land,networking with main characters and princess,never know when that will come in handy. NOW,.. if only Santa rated as high,... but at least Paige and Grant have their priorities straight,..;)
Good to see you all ,.. Dad

Cherish Stockdale said...

How fun!!

Natalie said...

What fun! I was reminded of our trip to Disneyland with the moms years back. Your photos are amazing and you look beautiful.

GIGI said...

Thank you so much for the photos ...what a happy little family...I miss you all.. see you this summer...GIGI

Anonymous said...

Love, love these photos...and so happy you posted them so quickly! Great photography Aaron!!!!
Love you,
Aunt Ev

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad I missed you! I have a season pass...and live only 20 minutes from Disney. Bummer! Maybe you should make another trip down!! :) Happy birthday, though! I went to Disneyland for my 30th, too! :) Miss you Laura!!

Katie Lascurain Morrow