Your own little Candyland...valentineFUN!

valentineFUN...special treats!

Do you remember this link from my friend Jenny back in December?  Well it inspired me to make these in my little toaster oven because I needed a few treats for a project and only had a few candies left to spare.  I made a small batch (I won't tell you how many I ended up eating myself) and enjoyed my latte! These make the perfect afternoon goody, gift or late night snack!

If you are making it for yourself, just add your favorite drink 
(mine is always coffee) and you will be in your own little Candyland in no time (no board game required)! Enjoy!   

 xoxo - *laura*


Anonymous said...

Laura this blog is just adorable! Your photography is getting really good! Can I ask how you get the photos so big on here with rounded corners??

Flo said...

love these. So yummy!

And yes, what camera are you using these days?

everydayVALENTINE said...

hey ladies...thanks for the comments! I am having fun with my photos but have to admit i know nothing. i'm just taking a million pictures and figuring it out as i go along (DeAuna- that tip about the ISO helped for sure)! Flo- we have a nikon D40 and we just got a fixed lens (i think it is a 35mm) and i love it. as far as editing i am using iphoto and i just discovered www.picnik.com where you can add text and round corners and do all sorts of fun edits for FREE. check it out! thanks again for the encouragement ladies...*laura* xoxo

Anonymous said...

Great site, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Laur- a friend at my reunion this weekend told me another version of this. Bacon and eggs. White chocolate with a yellow m&m and pretzels for bacon! Cute and yummy!! Love this post as I do all of yours!!! Mom