...happy valentine's day!

*happy valentine's day* 

To my Children...i cannot express the emotions and love i feel when i look at these pictures of you both...my beautiful girl and my precious little man. i just love you my sweet little lovelies! (pretty, pretty please don't forget that...and especially when you are teenagers)!

And...To my Wonderful Husband...there is nothing i could say that could adequately convey how much i love you (and i don't want to embarrass you on here) ... so kiss, kiss! 
you know i love you babe!

Here are my perfect little valentine babies who modeled for a photo workshop given by my friend Cori Derksen...she's an amazing photographer...check her out HERE! Thanks to all you ladies who took some amazing pictures that day (p.s. I totally recognize that I have posted way too many pictures and they are very similar...but I loved how each person had their own perspective & take...so I just posted a bunch. sorry) 

Photo's Taken By: Cori Derksen


Photo's Taken By: Jennifer Tozlian
Photo's Taken By: Janay Barrington

 Photo's Taken By: Joanna Hendrix 

 I saved two of the best photos for last...I love them all but she added these words and they could not be more perfect.

xoxo - *laura*

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Joanna said...

SO glad you liked the pictures.

Your kids are ADORABLE and had to be the smiliest (is that a word?) kids I've ever met. It was a joy taking pictures of them.

I can't take full credit for the photos though, since Cori gave us the magic ISO-aperture-shutter speed numbers, ha!

I've been shooting in manual since the workshop and am getting more confidant. If only my own children were as patient as yours.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!