valentineFUN...Valentine Advent Project for my Family!

DIY...Valentine Advent Project!

I got this idea HERE from Shabby Chic Crafts blog

I downloaded and printed 3 sets of the 
FREE "I love you because..." TAGS!

I filled them out for each member of my family & attached them to cute paper (I'm not a fussy crafter...so I do not worry about cutting perfect lines or the perfect paper...I just like to make it special and not worry too much about the details)!

I made a spot for each of them to find their notes each day!

Paige & Grant-Get one each in this little mailbox every morning 
(from the $1 spot at Target)!

Aaron- Gets one on the mirror each morning!

I will attach them to our little pink strand of lights that are currently hung on our decorative window in the kitchen.

I will either save them in a little jar or attach them to the pages of their love letter journals or discard them...we'll see how I am feeling when the project is all said and done!  

What a fun way to tell your loved ones how much you care!  

Hope you feel inspired! 

xoxo - *laura*

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Cherish Stockdale said...

super cute Laura! Have you started packing yet?