February's greenVALENTINE challenge

Consider investing in rechargeable batteries...it is so worth it!
If you are like us & constantly need batteries (especially AA) you will be amazed how much you can save in the long run if you invest in rechargeable. You will need to purchase a charger good for AA and AAA batteries (we have two) and at least half a dozen to a dozen batteries (we have about 16 or more) if you use as many as we do! For instance our wireless mouse uses 2, our alarm clock uses 2, our talking Elmo uses 6, our remote uses 2 and so on...that is 12 right there)!  They do cost more up front, but they can typically be used up to 100 times...isn't that amazing!  The great news about this is that it saves you money in the long run and saves us from dumping so many batteries! Yikes, think of all that unnecessary waste!  Let me know how you use your rechargeable! 

(p.s. How is the paper towel challenge from January going?)

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Anonymous said...

love how green you are earth mama!!! I need to do this again - I hate wasting batteries! Paper towel challenge not going so well! Love you! Aunt Ev