...oh where, oh where did my many links go?

So as always I have been doing some rearranging and you may be thinking to yourself as you check out my blog (cause i know i have like so many followers out there...wink,wink) 
...oh where, oh where did all those links go? Good news...don't panic...they are still here...just in a new spot.  Check out my labels to the right and you'll hopefully find lots of cool links.  

Here is a cheat sheet list of them as well...enjoy!

*my TUTORIALS & DIY projects*

*links to frugal living & family fun*

*some of my favorite recipes & other links*

*all i'm saying is give green a chance*

*organization, decor & homemaking*

*we LOVE to throw a good party*


Megan said...

I read your blog! haha I love your fnu crafty inspiration!

Megan said...

um, fnu = fun, obviously! haha