...May's greenVALENTINE Challenge & a few random thoughts!

May's greenVALENTINE Challenge...
Bags, Bags & More Bags!

In general I just want to challenge you to think about bags in terms of waste and what you can do differently!  Consider switching to REUSABLE BAGS for shopping, LAUNDRY/MESH BAGS for produce and PAPER BAGS for other projects such as wrapping paper or crafts!

Reusable bags are usually cute and inexpensive! They come in all shapes and sizes from snack bags to lunch bags to grocery bags!

Check out: BAGGU  

And here is a link to an Etsy Search for: Reusable Bags

If you are really organized (and I am not) you may 
want to invest in this system: The Tote Buddy

I purchased several laundry/mesh bags (intended for delicate items in the wash) at Target for less than $2 and use them for my produce at the farmers market.

Here are a few gifts that I wrapped at Christmas with Trader Joe's decorative brown bags...just add ribbon and you are all set for a simple and classic look.

Plastic bags are a reality for all of us (let's just be honest) but we can use them more than once & we can recycle them!

A few more thoughts:
If you only purchase a few items at a store...don't use a bag.  
If you need snacks for your purse...use a reusable container instead of those little plastic baggies.
If you need a liner for a small trash can...use a grocery bag from the store instead of purchasing them.

What are your thoughts on bags, bags, bags?

Disclaimer: I must confess that I forget to bring my reusable bags into the store ALL THE TIME...in fact it is a miracle when I do remember...so just do your best!


this graphic has been edited by me...but originally came from: the graphic's fairy

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to those who have served our country...especially those who have lost their lives and given so much...thank you does not seem to say enough.

And one more thing...I am so excited to be going to BLOG SUGAR this fall...just signed up...wooohooo!

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hannah singer said...

i remember my reusables about half of the trips i make to the stores:) we do love our little containers for snacks though! xo
HOORAY for blog sugar! see you there!