...so proud of my man!

Aaron finally completed fire academy and is excited to be working for the Alameda County Fire Department!!!! Wooohooo! We are so proud of him and so honored to celebrate this HUGE accomplishment! Hoping to post more pictures soon!

Santa Ana Community College Fire Academy (16 weeks completed) +
Fresno City Fire Department Academy (16 weeks completed) +
Alameda County Fire Department Academy (16 weeks completed)
= almost 1 year of his entire life spent in fire academy...now that's dedication to a career!

 ...the morning Family Day Demonstration...

...the evening Ceremony...

You can check out the local news clip here: http://www.ktvu.com/video/28470039/index.html


DeAuna Marks said...

Very sweet pictures. What an accomplishment Aaron, congrats from The Marks'. And to you Laura, on holding down the fort, that too is very difficult, I know it all too well. Love you guys :)

christi @ burlap and basil said...

yeah!!!! congratulations!

popping in to say hello to the other sugar babies! yeah blog sugar!

i'm hosting a july giftaway - anthropologie pillow and some goodies! i hope you'll enter!

Megan said...

So awesome! We have just started the journey -- Matt is in his EMT class right now and starts the academy in about a month.