TRADITIONS...finding the perfect gifts and making them too!

TRADITIONS...finding the perfect gifts 
and making the too...only 10 days left!

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Homemade Gifts:

And of course Homemade gifts are great.  You can make luminaries like these from white paper bags or brown bags and a hole punch or circle shaped paper punches...make your own design or find a pattern online.  See how pretty they look at night? Great for Christmas Eve or a party or even New Years Eve!

 A few years ago I made this little book for my mom.  It was a list of my favorite things about her, with pictures and little jokes. This book is about the size of a 3x3" square but you could make a larger one.  This was so personal and fun that she loved it! Great for anyone you love (and if you are a scrapbooker it is a great way to use little scraps of paper and ribbon that you never seem to know how to use)! 

I love these "Brown Brag Books" that I used to make. They can be filled with pictures or memorabilia (such as invitations or ticket stubs) and they are small and easily fit in a purse or on a coffee table for display.  Give "as is" or add pictures and your recipient will be all set to brag away.

I love this hand painted onesie (although I apologize for the terrible picture).  Just wash your garment first, get fabric paint and foam stamps. Paint onto the stamps and them place them on your fabric of choice.  So fun! The possibilities are endless and great for anyone!

 Let me know what you decide to buy or make this year!

xoxox - *laura*


Zakaryans said...

Laur... I love this site. It's great. The look is cool and the idea is wonderful. I look forward to much more from everydayVALENTINE. The paper bag books look great!

the PANFILIO family said...

thanks so much Kimmy...i appreciate your encouragement! love you too!