TRADITIONS...A few ways I enjoy decorating (and some other ideas too)!
This is how I displayed all of our beautiful Christmas cards last year...how do you do it?


Here are some great ideas from www.realsimple.com

Check out their site for a ton of other ideas...
these are just a few of mine!

Dana Gallagher 

Another festive idea: Load a simple glass jar or bowl with 
multiples of the same fruit, nut, or monochromatic ornament. 
Here, trifle bowls are filled with red apples and green baby artichokes—the colors of Christmas—and walnuts. 
Or do bowls of lemons and limes.

Tinsel as Napkin Ring

Transform over-the-top tinsel garland into a tasteful trimming with a few quick snips. Cut four-inch strands from the garland, then feed them through the opening of a clear glass ornament until full. Attach a ribbon to the ornament’s loop to create a napkin holder or a gift topper.

Last Year's Holiday Cards as This Year's Table Runner

Rescue last year’s heartfelt wishes by turning them into a festive table runner of winter wonderlands. Place the cards face down on a color copy machine (they should cover most of the glass). Next, put a piece of colored fabric or paper on top of the cards to serve as a border. Print out multiple copies (enough to cover the length of your table) on 11-by-17-inch paper. With double-stick tape, join the copies along the top and the bottom. 

Fill a brandy snifter to the brim with silver bells of all sizes. You won't hear them ring-a-ling, but they will dress a table in sparkling holiday style.


Cherish Stockdale said...

Your house looks so good Laura! I love all of the vintage Christmas stuff!!

the PANFILIO family said...

thanks girl!