...aaron & baby updates!

aaron started a very cool new blog titled TruthRemedy or www.truthremedy.blogspot.com. i will let you read about it for yourself...but i must say that i am thrilled he is finally putting his thoughts and ideas into words. aaron is smart & he has a lot of wisdom to offer...he likes to explore issues and ideas that many of us never think twice about. it should be a great discussion, a place to seek truth and to think about what we believe. check it out for yourself!

we have been very busy around here but i hope to post new pictures of paige in the next few days...in the meantime here are a few of her jcpenney pictures !!! so cute!


Jenny Plumb said...

You're right. Those pictures of Paige at JCPenneys are priceless. So cute you want to eat her up!
You have some cute pictures of her posted on here!

Anonymous said...

It is time for some new pictures, especially 6 month old ones.