...autumn is here...I think!

Today is the first day in a while that it has actually felt like autumn is here! I know it could change and get warm again this month...but for now I am thrilled.  It rained last night and I was giddy! I just love Fall.  I made chocolate chip banana bread muffins while the kids played outside for 2 HOURS...they have never played by themselves outside...for 2 HOURS! Never ever! It was wonderful.  (I had to check on them every 2 minutes, of course, but it was still great!) My kitchen is clean...I have two loads of laundry done...my calender is almost organized and I even had a few minutes to sit and read my favorite devotional (31 Days of Praise, by Ruth Myers) and pray while they were sleeping!  So today is a day that I am feeling very grateful for cool, crisp weather and the promise of Fall! Thank you Lord for your beautiful seasons and the wonderful change of pace that they bring!!!


Cherish Stockdale said...

sounds like a great day! I have to remind myself of things to be grateful for too, sometimes the days are REALLY long!! Love the pictures, sooo fall!!

Cara Flory said...

love it girl. miss you!