So i must admit something.  I am kind of going crazy...not really crazy but i have been pretty stressed out this summer...truth be told i have been pretty stressed out since i became pregnant with grant (and that was two years ago).  I don't really like living with my stressed out self and I'm pretty sure my family doesn't like it either.  I am not perfect but the crazy lady has got to go...so I am working on a new idea! I heard a great talk on the radio about gratitude and it totally convicted me today.  So, I am going to try and spend my days focused on the things that I am grateful for in life. I have been blessed with so much (both in love and friendships and even in material things) and my hope and prayer is that if i focus a little more on what I'm grateful for in life...from day to day...then I may in turn not feel quite so stressed out...so indulge me for a while (the next few weeks) as i share my thoughts with you on this blog.  (p.s. I am doing this for myself...but sometimes it just feels good to share it with others...I hope I am making sense)

Gratitude Journal Entry #1: Today I am grateful for a loving husband...Aaron...who listens.  He prays for me and cares about the things I care about...even if he does not always get me...he loves me and supports me...I am so blessed to call him my husband and I truly mean that!


Anonymous said...

you are a wise woman Laura! I love you - Aunt Ev!

Anonymous said...

Very Sweet!! Great Pictures too :)